Make-up vlogger making how-to video

10 Great Video Ideas for Small Businesses

Creating video content is one of the most powerful ways to market your business, build brand awareness, promote a product, or launch a new feature, to name just a few. Admittedly, people love videos. In fact, according to Cisco, 82% of all consumer traffic is expected to come from videos, by 2020. If you are ready to get your audience’s attention, broaden your reach, and connect with your target group(s) across various platforms, we give you some business video marketing ideas you could consider adding to your marketing strategy.

1. Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are easy to digest and helpful. You can create a video that explains what does your company stand for or what your product does exactly. How can you help consumers solve a problem using your product or services? Why is a feature ideal for SME (small medium enterprises)? How can you help others succeed using your product/service? Do you want to define a term for your users and audience? Explain a concept?

People want to know who they are buying from (and why should they buy from you). An explainer video that addresses the key customer pain points and offers a solution, can help them commit to you and your product/service easier and faster.


  • Choose only ONE question and stick to it. Don’t try to answers many questions in a single video – this is the fastest way to lose your viewers.
  • You can post your explainer video on YouTube, let it become part of your company’s knowledge base to help out customers, or live within blog posts.

2. Promotional Videos

Trailers and ads are typical examples of promo videos. They grab people’s attention, tap into their emotions, and create anticipation for what is coming next. You could create a series of short teasers which will support a story around your product/service. The key with promo videos is to be able to tell a great story. Something your audience can relate to. Something they can see themselves in.

Remember that not only your story can spark curiosity and start a conversation, which is what you need at this phase. You may also use customers’ stories to inspire video content. Satisfied clients make a brand’s best advocates. Learning about other people’s success (which they have achieved using your product/service) makes other people want to join in; to be part of that success themselves, to taste success in their own life.

3. Tutorial Videos

There seems to be an impressive increase in people offering their expertise and knowledge to help others (i.e. mentors, life coaches, marketers, etc.). Of course, there wouldn’t have been such a huge offer if there wasn’t a great demand for that particular “product”. The thing is that an overwhelming % of people love learning, whether it is learning about themselves and their true potential or a new skill, or whatever one may feel they need to learn about.

You can make how-to videos, which are easy to follow and don’t need advanced techniques to create. Teach your audience something new. Answer specific customer questions. Demystify a product. The options are literally endless.

4. Infographic Videos

Infographic videos receive a great amount of attention the last couple of years. They are a handy method to share data in a way that is much less boring than anything else (no reading figures on a boring page). They are also a superb option if you want to repurpose old content. The great thing about them is that you can add some music and a voice over and instantly get their most interesting and engaging version! Your audience will thank you for that. Below is an excellent example of pure data visualization; feel free to try out other types of infographic videos, though.

5. Thank You Videos

Saying “Thank you” to your customers will make them feel special and appreciated. If you are new in video marketing, you could start by filming short thank you videos and publish them on YouTube to help build brand awareness and foster customer loyalty. That way, you can “sell” your business in the gentlest and most beautiful way (nobody likes hard sells).

6. Testimonial Videos

They are a HUGE power in your hands because they feel more trustworthy. Just don’t fall in the trap and flood the web with video testimonials that are not the real thing. Anything phony should not have any place in your marketing campaign(s). If your reputation is damaged once, it will be extremely difficult to bounce back again.

For starters, find a few happy customers, get their permission to interview them, and create an animated video around that interview/testimonial. The whole idea is to show the world just how much your product/services can help the right people.

7. List Videos

According to studies, lists have a profound affect in our psychology. This is because the brain loves ordered tasks. Simply put, it loves lists. You can use that power to your benefit. Depending on which industry you are in, you can think of several Top 10 (could be Top 5 or Top 3, etc.) lists around topics that relate to what you do and offer. For example, if you sell plants, you can make a Top 10 video about the most odd-looking flowers in the world. Just pick a topic you think will ignite your customers’ imagination and curiosity and the inspiration will come.

8. Cartoon Videos

Create a cartoon-style explainer video to show data, share a product, or tell a business story in a fun way.

9. Product/Service Review Videos

A 2016 survey has shown that of the people that seek online reviews before they try a new product or service, or visit a new place, 84% admit to trust these reviews just as much as they do personal recommendations. Turn the reviews you have listed on your site into videos.

10. User-Generated Videos

Host giveaways and contests to encourage the creation of user-generated content. People trust other people’s testimonials and shared experiences.

It would be a great idea to include a transcript below your video.  Some people may prefer to read the content afterwards and having a transcript can also help your page’s SEO.

Marketing your business through videos is an easy way to spread the word about who you are and what you do. Just make sure your videos have the same theme (more or less) and that you have tied the script of the story into your brand in a way that supports your marketing objectives. Find a good video production company in your area and they will no doubt help you come up with a great plan and finished product.  And, if you feel like experimenting with different types of videos, go for it! It might create some marketing magic.