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How to Prevent Your Website From Getting Hacked

One of the most common pitfalls when having a website is thinking that is doesn’t have anything worth being hacked. Unfortunately, the truth is that websites are compromised every single day and not always to steal data from them. Most of the time, website security breaches occur so that the hacker can use your server and either set up a temporary web server to allow them to send illegal files or to spam emails to unsuspected users. And then of course some hacking attempts are designed to steal sensitive information.

Here are some handy tips to help keep your website safe online.  Some are on the “techy” side, others are pretty easy to implement, but all are very helpful and important.

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Why You Should Switch to HTTPS ASAP

If you have your own website or manage a site that is not using HTTPS, you might have received an email from Google recently.  To sum it up, Google said that they were going to begin showing a “NOT SECURE” warning on websites not using HTTPS. This includes both HTTP pages viewed in “Incognito Mode” as well as those that collected passwords, credit card details, and other personal information from users. From now on, every HTTP page will be marked as non-secure. So if you own a website, it would be wise to switch to HTTPS as soon as possible.

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