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The Latest New Home Design Trends

Without a doubt, 2017 has brought some pretty amazing new homebuilding design trends to the forefront, whose purpose is clearly to provide homeowners with more stylish, heart-fulfilling, sustainable homes that help enhance their daily routines and overall quality of life through design. From modern versions of traditional fireplaces to lux countertops and open floor plans, this year has certainly delivered more than expected.

Kitchen Upgrades

Countertops were center stage in the kitchen this year. We are seeing many options in an attempt to create a modern interior with a posh feel. Marble is having a strong comeback and is becoming the leading force not only for countertops but many other elements of home décor.

Kitchen designs get a revamped look as they mix and match countertops. The marriage between a quartz, granite or marble countertop and a more natural stone or wood finished counter is more than propitious at the moment.

marble countertopDare to embrace this marble trend and incorporate the rich texture into your home’s décor by using it in stools, coffee tables, and countertops. If you are not yet ready to take any bold action, you can certainly bring that new design element down to your needs and start with something as subtle as a marble wallpaper accent wall.

Open Floor Plans That Let Light Shower the Space

The appreciation and awareness of the natural environment has led to open designs. Open floor plans and the need to have lots of light in our living spaces have created another home design trends this year. Although not a new trend, creating spaces that allow the beautiful sunshine enter the rooms seems to be on the rise the past few years. As for homeowners already living in a house, tearing down walls to create open floor plans is not an uncommon practice.

That aside, there is an increased interest in creating spaces that blend the indoor with the outdoor spaces; spaces that help connect us to the world around us. New homeowners appear to favor the chance of having easy access to the outside (i.e. through glass doors and walls of windows that connect directly to a terrace or patio). This also helps make the home feel more comfortable and much larger too. Feel free to play with different, yet complimenting, color palettes and fun feature pieces to enhance your open floor plan and add your unique style to each space.

Fireplaces Get a New Face

Although there is an undeniable old-world charm in traditional fireplaces, the twist they get this year is also inviting and doesn’t mess up our aesthetics. What is different now is the traditional brick hearth that gives its place to new design elements, such as curved stone, glass enclosures, and circular shapes that add a more playful and creative vibe to the fireplace. As a means to create depth, we see geometric patterns and shape reign fireplace trends. Moreover, walled fireplaces are now used to help divide two living spaces while they also dare to exit the home and find a place in outdoor spaces. Fireplaces are decidedly becoming chicer and more linear and we love it!

Colors That Excite

As with every year, paint manufacturers announce the color of the year; the shade that is expected to influence design trends the most. For this year, the most-dominant hues are:

  • “Greenery” – This refers to a zesty yellow-green hue that reminds us much of the first days of spring, when we all enjoy experiencing the rebirth of nature. It is a shade that can allow us to take a step back and have some moments for us, before getting into our hurried lifestyles again. Use it in accent walls to add a classic, yet vibrant, splash of color to your rooms or end tables. For cheaper and easier uses, try some new greenery throw pillows.
  • “Poised Taupe” – Another irresistible shade of the year. Poised taupe is a mixture of warm brown and cool gray and gives a modern flair to timeless classic neutrals. The outcome is a versatile color that works perfectly in practically every room. Consider matching poised taupe walls with dark furniture to create appealing contrast.
  • “Shadow” – It can’t get any more royal (some say poetic too) than this. Shadow is a rich amethyst shade that allows homeowners and designers to create cozy spaces. Due to its depth, it is best used in smaller rooms and offices. For those that want to test the waters first before throwing themselves in shadow painted walls, having “shadow” stools, accent pillows or curtains/window treatments is an excellent option.


With each passing year, people become more and more aware of their impact on the environment. In fact, they have started adopting habits that help protect the planet which allows them to lead healthy and happy lives. This need is also reflected in their desire to blend comfortable living with sustainability. From natural stones (i.e. marble, and granite) and wood to solar roof tiles, bamboo, bagasse in particle board, and cork, there is a huge trend to help us live a more environment-friendly life this year.

More Flexibility

The new home design trend leaves behind the many formal spaces we have been seeing in homes for many decades. People have started wanting spaces they can use as they see fit, rather than “sterile” areas they use occasionally. This has probably been the driving force behind open floor plans too. The fact that open designs provide boundaries that give a comfy feel while being flexible at the same time has won many new homeowners’ hearts already.

Final Notes:

  • This year we are much more focused on home designs that emphasize on quality rather than quantity. It is not about defining luxury through having a huge home anymore. On the contrary, a smart, quality home design can take you a long way. Utilizing the space properly, can work miracles.
  • Walk-in showers seem to have come to take the place of bathtubs, mainly due to the resources they use compared to baths. Plus, they are easier to maintain and particularly convenient for the aging population, and safer for people with disabilities.

Regardless of the trending home design elements, what is most important is to feel every inch of your home reflecting your personal style and preferences. If you create a space that is “you”, chances are you will feel rejuvenated and content living in it. So, feel free to choose any of the home design trends mentioned here and customize them so they speak of its owner!